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Wisemedics has achieved a pivotal milestone with the successful design and implementation of our digital medical ecosystem software. This cutting-edge platform seamlessly connects hundreds of users with qualified healthcare professionals spanning various specialties, providing a conduit for quality medications and prescribed pharmaceutical products. Additionally, our platform serves as a valuable resource for medical referencing, supporting research endeavors. This technological innovation represents Wisemedics' unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare accessibility in Nigeria. By leveraging our digital ecosystem, we transcend geographical constraints, ensuring that individuals can readily access healthcare services and information. The platform not only addresses immediate healthcare needs but also contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and research.


As Wisemedics continues to evolve, our digital medical ecosystem stands as a beacon of innovation, demonstrating the organization's dedication to leveraging technology for positive change in the healthcare landscape. Through this platform, Wisemedics is actively shaping a future where healthcare is not just a service but a holistic and accessible experience for all.

In 2018
Wisemedics was born

wisemedics has been an idea since 20211, untill 2018 when our founder/CE.O attempted to kick start it but failed.

In 2022
Ideation and Tech

However, in 2021, he succeded in registring the company and start operation fully with few team members. In 2022 wisemedics lunched its first project, the digital medical ecosystem softwire and since then it has been expanding.


Wisemedics is on a mission to redefine healthcare by providing accessible, innovative solutions. Our commitment is to simplify the journey to well-being, offering unique and comprehensive care to every individual and making a positive impact on lives.


At Wisemedics, our vision is to revolutionize healthcare by saving lives through the power of simplicity and uniqueness. We aspire to break down barriers, making quality healthcare  universally accessible while pioneering innovative approaches that redefine the essence of wellbeing.

Ibrahim Kaheel
Founder/CEO, WiseMedics

Ibrahim Khaleel is a dynamic and talented public health professional who has changed the public health landscape in Nigeria for almost ten years. Ibrahim was born in Kano state on January 24, 1990. He attended school of orthopaedic technology in dala orthopaedic kano and international University of Bamenda for bachelor degree in Public health.
As the CEO and founder of Wisemedics, Ibrahim creatively manages a great team that is leading Nigeria’s healthcare reform. His imaginative attitude is demonstrated by his view that technology can be used to improve the Nigerian healthcare system. The mission statement of Wisemedics is rather clear: “Saving lives with simplicity and uniqueness.” Ibrahim’s belief that a great deal of lives may be saved by technological innovation motivates him and fits in well with Wisemedics’ objective.
Beyond his business endeavours, Ibrahim is a committed supporter of worthwhile causes. He established Save the Future Generations, a non-profit organisation, in 2017 to bring sickle cell illness into the public eye and drastically lower its incidence in Nigeria and elsewhere.

In addition to his advocacy work, he is a peace lover and deeply committed to revolutionary causes. Ibrahim actively promotes a peaceful society as a proud representative of Peacepace Initiative, a youth-led nonprofit organisation that encourages cooperation in Nigeria. He also coordinates the work of the prostate cancer awareness foundation FAN of Africa, which works with Mettahealth UK to end prostate cancer in Africa.
Ibrahim Khaleel is a prime example of a public figure who is fully committed to philanthropy, technology, healthcare, and peace advocacy. He is positioned to play a major role in shaping a better and more peaceful future for Nigeria because of his imaginative leadership and conviction that technology can save lives.

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